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People over the age of 40, often the lens Ray Ban Cheap

picking out the color of the lens has to be based on the color of the surrounding all-natural environment, the edge of the object just clear, can Cheap Ray Ban Sale effectively distinguish the different color signal light source as the principle. Lens colouring to gray, brown, environment friendly is better, because these colors with the lens on the infrared, ULTRAVIOLET absorption is good, Gray The len's for any chromatography can be nicely balanced absorption. After wearing cups, see the scenery will dull; obscure, and there is no Wholesale Ray Bans Sunglasses obvious colouring tinted lenses to filter a lot of blue light, can certainly improve the visual contrast in addition to clarity, the Wholesale Ray Ban UK
air pollution is definitely serious circumstances or errors wearing a long effect.
Many recent studies show that because the sunlight into the eyes of blue light will hurt the eyes, and blue lenses can not filter out the sun in the blue spectrum, so when choosing sunglasses do not choose the best blue lens.
In general, the deeper the color of the lens shading effect is stronger, but does not indicate the ability of UV is strong, anti UV Sunglasses functions and lens Cheap Ray Ban Glasses materials, technology and other factors to secondary lens color depth is, wearing too deep accessories, it is difficult to identify the color connected with traffic lights.
Children can certainly wear sunglasses. The little one's eyes delicate, easy to light source damage, in this sense, little ones need to wear sunglasses although note that children under a few years old not appropriate period of time wearing sunglasses, because the kids visual function development has not yet reached adult levels, period of time wearing Ray Bans Cheap sunglasses may type amblyopia.
The right way is to your child in a strong natural light, when the sun is weak in time to take off. For little ones under 6 years of age to settle on sunglasses to pay attention to the color for being
People over the age of 40, often the lens Ray Ban Cheap nucleus began to shore up, the cortex began to develop, resulting in a shallow anterior appropriate slot.
After wearing sunglasses, stepping into the eye of visible light source is reduced, the university student will naturally open, Da Hong film easy to accumulate inside corner, obstruction of aqueous outflow channels, for a long time, simple induce acute angle close-up glaucoma, there is redness, problems in the eyes, sharp diminish in vision and other indicators. In particular, there Wholesale Ray Bans
is a history connected with glaucoma or glaucoma affected individuals in the family who are prone to this situation. Glaucoma patients or those who are suspected of glaucoma should not wear sunglasses, 40 years of age who wear sunglasses should also be cautious.

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